• Family Owned & Operated

    Family Owned & Operated

    Since 2006

  • Full Bar

    Full Bar


  • Wedding Receptions & Parties

    Wedding Receptions & Parties

    For upto 80 People

  • Free Delivery

    Free Delivery

    Within 3-4 Mile Radius


Niki's Italian Bistro III

Niki's Italian Bistro III is a family owned and operated restaurant running since 2006 serving the best Italian dishes in and around Murphy, Texas. Our idea to prepare and serve fully flavoured, fresh and great food of the highest quality and quantity. Striving to provide efficient, sincere and caring service, we serve all varieties of Italian cuisine ranging from pizzas, pastas, seafood to the long list of desserts. We also provide you with the option to choose the best seats in the house that you are comfortable with and feel like at home. Ours is a friendly neighbourhood restaurant with relaxing and fashionable interiors where you can drop in all day long.

Wedding Receptions & Parties

Niki's Italian Bistro III offers a completely distinctive and special catering services for wedding receptions and parties. From starters to desserts we make sure that your day was planned to be remarkable and special. Our amiable and perfectly capable team makes sure your event was made memorable and perfect to your dreams while you rejoice and relish in the company of your friends and family.

Full Bar Available

We have a full bar available, with variety of wines and drinks to choose from. From the ever incredible margaritas to the varieties of wine, our full bar is an open treat. Our menu provides the best home made Italian cuisine and wines prepared with utmost care and sincerity to maintain the amazing Italian flavours.

Catering Services

Niki's Italian Bistro III offers pick up, dine in and catering services. We offer everything on our menu at an incredibly reasonable price with our ever friendly staff serving you all through your time with us. Our dine-in is great for intimate gatherings of friends and families, while we work at making your day perfect.

Free Delivery

With free delivery for all orders within a range of 3-4 mile radius, we assure the best and in time delivery service. We take extreme care in making sure that your orders are fresh and appetizing when they reach your doorsteps. Something tempting and finger licking for each and every customer will always be available on our menus that they can take away home to their waiting families.

Italian Cuisine

The Italian Cuisine was developed from a combination of culinary tradition from home and Athens. Italian cuisine is famously known for its different tastes, odour, variety of colours and most importantly the mode of its preparation. These cuisines are characterized by simplicity with dishes having only four to eight ingredients, that rely mainly on quality of ingredients than on elaborate preparation. Cheese and wine are an integral part of Italian cuisine.

The modern era Italian cuisine emphasizes on food consisting of fresh herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and seeds. This is particularly called 'pitagoric food' meaning vegetarian food. It was during this era that the introduction of tomato sauce came into play. Italian dishes mostly consists of tomatoes and potatoes.

Coffee enjoys an important role among Italian cuisine since time immemorial. Italian style coffee is famously known as Expresso, made from the blend of coffee beans. Expresso is usually served in a demitasse cup. Apart from Expresso, Italian cuisine also includes a variety of coffees. Caffe Macchiato is a variety of coffee that is topped with a bit of foamed milk. Ristretto is made with less water and is stronger. Cappuccino which is widely made and ordered all around the world is mixed or topped with steamed, mostly frothy milk. Bicerin, is also an Italian coffee which is a mixture of cappuccino and traditional hot chocolate.